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Founded for positive change during the civil rights era, St. Anne’s continues to be an energetic and welcoming faith community seeking to live into the Gospel by loving one another and accepting people where they are regardless of identity, labels, and backgrounds. -a St. Anne's parishioner

We hope you will find, as we do, “…there’s a sweet, sweet, Spirit in this place.”



10:00 am (Throughout the summer)
Holy Eucharist Rite II

Sunday, 8/21/16, Pentecost 14
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Sunday, 8/28/16, Pentecost 15
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Commentary: Rev. Dr. Fred Horton 

Pentecost 14 (8/21)Proper 16
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Pentecost 15 (8/28) Proper 17
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Mondays: 6-6:20 PM - Centering Prayer
Wednesdays: 6:00 PM - Evening Prayer with Holy Eucharist and Taize
Education for Ministry (EfM) (Wednesdays - 9 AM) resuming Sept. 7, 2016


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A Message from the Rector

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A Message From Lawrence

As many of you know, transitions are hard, especially within close communities built on strong relationships and strengthened through mutual striving for a better and more just environment. Discernment is not without tears and struggle and sorrow, but, as a wise elder once warned me: “Be careful telling God what you won't do!”

So, on 24 July, I announced to the good people of St. Anne's Episcopal Church that I have answered the call to become Rector (Senior Pastor) of St. Augustine's Episcopal Church in Brooklyn, NY. The discernment that led to this decision was not unlike the path that led me to ordination in the first place. There was a lot of questioning, debating, bargaining between God and myself. But, when a decision is really of God, the Almighty tends to win out. The Holy Spirit's gentle reminders of my commitment to God and that Jesus promised never to leave or forsake me, have helped me to trust that this is the right decision and a part of my journey of faith.

Winston-Salem has provided my family and me with a welcoming, nurturing and challenging community. As we all know, it is not perfect, but has given us significant space to grow and develop. I will be forever grateful for the blessings that I have received, the relationships that have been nurtured and the work in which I have been involved.

St. Anne's is a wonderfully supportive and motivated congregation. From my assessment, we were moving into an exciting time, with renewed energy to face the challenges to justice and inequality. Then God got to meddlin'. I want the community of Winston-Salem to know that the decision to leave doesn't have anything to do with something that happened or didn't happen at St. Anne's, in Winston-Salem or in North Carolina. I am going to a congregation that is similar in its dynamics, but opposite in its racial make-up. I have always felt called to congregations that find themselves in a position to wrestle with the issues of race and inclusion and that have made strides, but want to go deeper and further. St. Augustine's is that type of parish, just as St. Anne's is.

I hope to keep a connection with this community and will be watching and listening from afar, but please know that this community will travel with me and will inform all that I am called to do for the rest of my life and ministry. Those of you, whom I know personally, will remain in my prayers, as will the whole of this community, region and state. I pray that my family and I will remain in your thoughts and prayers, as well.

In thanksgiving for the past and excitement for the future, take good care.




Knowing that all things come from God, we seek to manifest the love of Christ through worship, justice, and community.